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Spotlight: Blk Sunflower

Fall started a few days ago and I am feeeling it! A cool breeze hit my ankles last week and I was like, “Welp, time to slap on some sweats!” What’s crazy is that I only have two pairs! 

I don’t know about you, but I like options. My closet is full of hoodies, but my drawers are bare when it comes to sweatpants. This is because I’m a denim girl, but who’s trying to squeeze into jeans while working from home? Like most Americans, I’m remote, which calls for the utmost level of comfort.

Since most of my time is spent at home, it’s necessary for my space to feel relaxed so burning a good candle every day is a must. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having a delightful scent fill your abode such as Bougie Hot Chocolate. This literally smells like chocolate truffles. So if you gained the quarantine 15 and you’re trying to lose weight, get this! It’ll fix your cravings.

Blk Sunflower, is a black owned business based in Washington state. The founder, Jaz, makes hand poured coconut soy candles that provide an enjoyable sensory experience. Her work has been featured on, Hello Beautiful and The Zoe Report, to name a few.

Products fall in one of two categories: The Exclusive Collection or The Luxe Candle Collection.

The Exclusive Collection

Strawberries & Whipped Cream
Meet Me at the Altar
Fireside Vibez

Over ten different candles make up this limited edition collection so you have to stock up while they’re still on the website! The ones I received (Basic B*tch & Bougie Hot Chocolate) are in this category, but some of my other favorites include:

The Luxe Candle Collection

No Cookies 4 You
Per My Last Email
Tall Dark & Handsome

This category consists of original scents and candles moved from the limited edition list to become permanent staples. A few of my favorites include: 

Candles are available in single (9oz) or three wick (17oz).

In addition to the collections, every month there’s a curated Self Care Blk Box.  It’s a great gift option, gives anyone the opportunity to try out different products and it’s in collaboration with different businesses. Also, incense and sage can be purchased on the website. 

Basic B*tch
Basic B*tch (looks just like a Pumpkin Spice Latte)

The grand opening of her store is October 4th (RSVP required), but if you don’t live in Washington state, check out her website and follow her on Instagram!


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