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    Spotlight: Imperfections By LLA

    I enjoy hearing about the creative process when it comes to highlighting businesses. Why did they decide to make this product? What’s their vision? Where do they draw inspiration from? For this business, the owner couldn’t find jewelry she envisioned and started making her own. After being persuaded by her family, she decided to create Imperfections by LLA in 2011. …

  • Business Spotlight,  Jewelry

    Spotlight: Splendid Works of Art

    Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, designer Sytinenia P. is the owner of Splendid Works of Art, a black owned business that makes handmade crochet accessories for your lifestyle. She loops bold colors of yarn to create pieces that have meaning and evoke happiness.  In the above picture, I’m wearing the Healing Cowrie earrings in Tiger’s Eye. It’s described as:…

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    Spotlight: Von Perez

    We’re already half way through the summer! Can you believe it? New York City has been full of sunshine these last couple of weeks so I decided to go out and have a ‘social distance’ photoshoot with my photographer, Debbie (she’s the greatest!).  Next on my business focus list is the jewelry and accessories brand Von Perez. Created by Lavonta,…


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