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Spotlight: Imperfections By LLA

I enjoy hearing about the creative process when it comes to highlighting businesses.

Why did they decide to make this product?

What’s their vision?

Where do they draw inspiration from?

For this business, the owner couldn’t find jewelry she envisioned and started making her own. After being persuaded by her family, she decided to create Imperfections by LLA in 2011. 

It’s a handmade jewelry company created by Melanie H, a Brooklyn native with Bajan roots (check out her logo!), who enjoys making one of a kind designs. 

In the above photo, I’m wearing a piece from the Reign Collection. The teal stones with the gold detailing, topped with the lucite heart immediately caught my attention. I decided to pair it with a crisp white button-down to show off the colors. 

Also, I purchased the below earrings. 

I absolutely love anything that accentuates my jawline and this does just that! It’s a combination of gold wiring, pearls and lucite stones. 

Follow her on Instagram and check out her designs for 30% special items until December 31st! 


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