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Spotlight: Splendid Works of Art

Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, designer Sytinenia P. is the owner of Splendid Works of Art, a black owned business that makes handmade crochet accessories for your lifestyle. She loops bold colors of yarn to create pieces that have meaning and evoke happiness. 

In the above picture, I’m wearing the Healing Cowrie earrings in Tiger’s Eye. It’s described as:

In African legends, the Cowrie shell represents the goddesses’ protection while the Tiger’s Eye Stone is known to assist in harmony and balance. 

Considering how 2020 has been for most of us, we could all use some of this good energy. Also, this style comes in the colors citrine and aventurine. 

Shooting Star (L) - Healing Cowrie (R)

Also, I received the above dream catcher earrings called Shooting Star. They come in white, as well. 

This is a meticulous craft. Hell, I tried to teach myself crochet and my 101 session ended fairly quickly.

It’s a skill that when done correctly, like these designs, is mind-blowing. How do you crotchet a mini “Taco” or “Apple” into earrings?   

Taco Earrings
Apple Earrings

Also, she makes clutches, beanies (satin lined to protect the crown) and other items. 

Check out her Instagram and website for more info! 


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