Representation is Key

It’s been almost three weeks since George Floyd was murdered and it literally feels like the whole world has shifted. People of all shades have stopped to ask themselves:  

  • Who am I?
  • What do I stand for?
  • How can I make a difference? 

Protests have and are currently going on all over the world, statues with dark pasts are being torn down, 9 to 5ers are calling out the discrimination they face at work and brands are being put on the spot for their lack of representation. These same brands are companies that we pour our hard earned dollars into and they hardly have any black people in upper management positions. For some of these companies, approximately 6% of their staff is black. But for many others, they don’t have any chocolate on their payroll. 

Change starts now and it begins with all of us taking a stand to make sure we’re being treated fairly and not as a threat. No black person should have to deal with the added stress that comes with discrimination. Nor should they fear for their lives while jogging, going to the grocery store or even sleeping in their own house. 

Everyone is posting different black businesses to follow and shop (which I have been doing as well), but I want to take the time to focus on two things: VOTING and the CENSUS.

I came across various statistics that said about 100 million Americans did NOT vote during the last general election. You may think your one vote doesn’t count, but it does. Imagine if all those people voted. This is why it’s important to go to the polls. I know some people have to wait long hours to vote, but remember those who fought and lost their lives to give us this right. Standing in line for 3 hours really isn’t so bad (sorry sis!). 

Also, if you’re afraid of physically going because of the coronavirus pandemic, see if you can request an absentee ballot. 


Then, there is the Census. Every 10 years the government goes around asking households to fill out a quick questionnaire so they can determine how many people live in each state. Then, once it’s all said and done, they allocate federal funds to each area. This could mean better hospitals, school lunch programs, more stores which means more jobs and other critical programs and services. This is money that can be used to build up your community. 

Visit and to register and fill out the questionnaire. Each website takes approximately 10 minutes each, max!

Now is the time to use your voice and 

platform for good. 


Stand for what you believe in and continue 

to fight for equality on all levels. 


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