What’s In The Curlfest Platinum Gift Bag?

This post is way overdue, but better late than never…..

I went to Curlfest in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on July 21st and the event was a great experience. There were naturalistas from all walks of life, rows and rows of vendors, great music and a sea of melanin folks just taking it all in.

How much was the bag?

Everyone was required to buy a ticket to get in to the event and this year, they had four levels, but only those who purchased a platinum or gold ticket received a bag.

I decided to buy the platinum ticket because of the beauty products and of course the tote. It’s a nice sized bag that can be used for a small grocery run (super small) or even for books.  

Let's get to the contents! How many products were included?

There were 6 full sized products and 7 samples. 


Are these products you wanted to try?

Yes and no.


What were the full size products?

And samples?

Now, tell me your thoughts.

When it came to the full sized products, I was shocked to see that I received two castor oils.  I understand they’re two different brands, but I would have liked to receive six different products.  

The hair/skin creme in the tote was something I could have bought in the store for like $2 and I’ve tried the Eden BodyWorks conditioner and it’s a no-go for me. But two products I liked were the Shine ‘N Jam Styler and the Shea Moisture Curl Stretch Pudding. They both have flax seed oil, which is something I’ve heard good things about so out of all the full sized products, I liked these the most. 

When it came to the samples, I actually liked these more than the full sized products! I’m a big fan of the Lottabody line. It was included one month in Curlbox (the shampoo and conditioner is a good buy). I’ve always wanted to try the Creme of Nature Detangler and the Mielle Hair Milk so I was excited for these. I’ve seen the Girl Hair advertised on Instagram before and I’m often protective styling so trying this out as a sample first was good, too.

Will you buy this ticket again next year?

Instead of the platinum ticket, I’ll get the gold one because I really didn’t like the full sized products, but I loved the tote! I can get the samples for free since the majority of these vendors are at the event. 


Overall, the main goal is to support the culture! It takes a lot to put an event like this together year after year and I appreciate what the Curly Girl Collective is bringing to the community so I look forward to Curlfest 2019!

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