• Fashion

    Do I Need New Clothes?

    A few weeks ago, I couldn’t find anything to wear while getting ready for brunch. Nothing in my closet sparked that ‘joy’ Marie Kondo talks about. In an effort to find something, I riffled through a few different pieces, tried on a few tops and realized, it’s not exciting because there’s nothing new in it. In the past few months,…

  • Fashion

    Not So Blue

    This pose makes me think of church. For instance, preachers on the pulpit would say something like….  “Stretch out your arms, turn to your neighbor, give them a hug and say, Jesus loves you!!” A good ol’ call and response never hurt anybody! Honestly, there is nothing like church service. The atmosphere gives healing, welcoming air and solace. This actually…

  • Fashion

    Bright Lights

    I’m currently watching the Olympics and thinking back to the time when I fell in love with gymnastics. It was 1996 and a black gymnast by the name of Dominique Dawes caught my attention. She was part of the American Olympic team known as the Magnificent Seven. They won the gold medal that year and soon thereafter, I begged my…

  • Shopping Tips

    10 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100

    Let’s get straight to it… Finding a nice wedding guest dress under $100 can be tough. Usually the nice options are sold out, which means what’s left on the rack is somewhat expensive. So after doing some digging, I found 10 different styles from various websites that are affordable. See below and happy shopping! Rust Satin Drape Midi Dress Textured…

  • Fashion News


    Hello luvs!  Here’s your black fashion and beauty news for today… Beauty influencer and entrepreneur, Jackie Aina announced that her candle brand, Forvr Mood will be sold in Sephora stores starting on July 22nd. Aina grew her following on YouTube and continues to advocate and challenge the standards of beauty. Check out the above video to see a little behind the…


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