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Pantone Color of the Year & Why It’s Important

Every year while browsing through fashion magazines, I come across articles and outfit suggestions for the Pantone Color of the Year. I take a quick glance, read the content, check off what I like and register within my brain that this color will be popular for the upcoming year. It wasn’t until recently that I said to myself, “What is this Pantone thing all about and why is it important?” 

According to their website, it’s a universal language of color. Since it’s inception in 1963, designers and retailers continue to use their system to achieve color consistency across all aspects of design. For instance, if an artist wants to use a particular shade of yellow for two different designs, he can use their color guide to make sure that same exact color is used. 

It’s for fabric, plastics, printing and paint, to name a few. 

The color this year is specifically called, “Living Coral,” and I’m all for it. 

Here are some items that capture the hue. Also, some corals may appear to be more on the pink side and others are more orange. 


Zara Belted Frock Coat
Miss Selfridge Caged Sandals
The Lip Bar - Haute Mess
Bindle Bottle (this has storage on the bottom!)

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