You Are Enough

I took myself out to lunch. I do it occasionally. No friends. No hubs. No family. Just me. 

Two people behind me were chatting. They seemed like coworkers. One said to the other, “You work hard. You deserve the promotion.” I sat there eating for what seemed like an hour. Hearing one uplift and encourage the other. Saying workers got raises before them, when they’ve been at the company longer. As I sipped my tea, it dawned on me, many people are fighting this battle. The long work hours. Devoted hours. Not to mention the sacrifice. The years. Just time. Hoping to move up in salary and title, only to be hoping quarter after quarter. Year after year. For an opportunity that seems out of reach… 

Should you stay and hope for the best or find another job? Before you consider anything, remember your worth. You are enough. We’re quick to blame ourselves and we shouldn’t. You have to remind yourself the sacrifices and energy it took to get where you are today. You wouldn’t be able to get this far if you didn’t know what you were doing. 

Have conversations with higher ups. See what they can do for you and if it doesn’t match your wants and needs, then consider your options. 

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