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Building a Conscious Wardrobe

Can’t believe my last post was almost two years ago. The cliche saying is true…time flies! 

All this time away really made me think about fashion.

What I like. What I don’t like. What moves my spirit. What makes me cringe. 

My last post focused on sustainable fashion. Specifically where my wardrobe stands cause let’s be real. I love shopping, but I’ve realized the shopaholic in me needs to go. I cleaned out my closet recently and when I tell you the amount of clothes worn once, items bagged with the label ‘needs tailoring’, stuff with tags…it all disgusted me. It’s wasted time, energy and above all money! And let’s not get into the environmental impact and the people who get paid pennies to make cheap clothes. I digress….so after much thought, I came up with four sustainable ways I plan to shop.

1. My closet – I have a helluva lot of clothes to choose from. There’s something in there for most occasions and when I get stumped, I’ll get creative. 
2. Sample sales – Yes, I consider this to be sustainable cause designers want to get rid of back stock and most importantly pieces that don’t make it to the runway or selling floor. 
3. Thrift – I usually look for new items with the original price tag or lightly used things. 
4. Select clothing stores/Boutiques – Slow fashion is the name of the game so when I need something, it’s an ‘intentional’ purchase. That’s:
  • Black owned brands
  • Sustainable designers
  • Special occasions (like my wedding gown…post to come!)
  • Limited edition/collection (had to get Dapper Dan’s Gap collab hoodie)
  • Or necessities…things I need, not want!

Cutting back is the goal. Cheers to the journey! 

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