Holiday Nails

There’s nothing like festive nails for the holidays. I usually lean towards red, green or glittery/metallic colors because it reminds me that……it’s the most wonderful time…of the year! 

For this week, I selected a green nail polish called “Dark Forest” by LeChat. Aside from Essie and OPI, my salon uses this brand and I like it. 

Personally, I like regular nail polish. I’m not a fan of gel because it makes my nails brittle. When I was first introduced to it a few years ago, my nail tech at the time suggested I get this during the winter. I ended up getting it done religiously and before you knew it, my nails became thin and my pinky nail split vertically so I stopped. It took approximately 2 months for my nails to come back to life and since then, I’ve sticked to my $10 manicure. 

Le Chat: "Dark Forest"

But I digress. Below are some colorful options you might want to try. Always remember, if your salon doesn’t have it, find the closest color or if you love it so much, buy the bottle.


Essie: Good as Gold
China Glaze: I'd Melt For You
Zoya: Kimmy
OPI: Envy the Adventure
Essie: Summit of Style
OPI: Candied Kingdom

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