Review: Creme of Nature Perfect Edges, Black

Peer pressured to lay down your edges?

Is edge control a non-factor in your beauty regimen?

Or do you like the sleek look a toothbrush and a bit of gel can deliver?

Honestly, I’m not really a fan. My go to styles consist of crochet, braids or my natural hair, so to have perfectly waved edges doesn’t appeal to me, BUT what I will use edge control for is to give me a few more hair strands I’m missing.

I'm almost out!

We’ve all been at that moment where that too tight style pulled out our edges, leaving us waiting months for the area to grow back. When this happens, I whip out the holy grail: Creme of Nature’s Perfect Edges in Black. This edge control is a blessing that hit the market a few years ago. It literally looks like black shoe polish, but definitely doesn’t smell like it.  The base is argan oil which promotes hair growth. 

Using a regular toothbrush made things messy so I started using a folding one. This one is from Target. It prevents the brush from accidentally getting on things and most importantly, it’s only a $1.


The edge control also comes in dark brown and clear (regular and extra hold) . It can be found at any BSS (Beauty Supply Store) or online. One disclaimer about this product is it can transfer when you sweat or on your pillow if you don’t tie your head scarf correctly. Most times, I wipe it off at the end of the day to avoid this. 

Ready to purchase? Depending on where you buy the price ranges from $3- $6. It’s available at Amazon and Sally’s Beauty, to name a few. 

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