Neon Nail Color Ideas

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, but some states have granted nail salons the permission to reopen. NYC can start on July 6th and I have to say, while in quarantine, I tried to do my own gel nails and they didn’t turn out so bad.

It’s definitely a lot of work so after doing it for the second time, I started using regular nail polish. From buffing to dipping and buffing again, I said to myself, “chile, just grab the Essie bottle….” Doing all of this definitely made me appreciate my nail tech even more.

So this week, my bestie sent me an article with a list of different neon nail polishes to try for the summer. There’s nothing like adorning your nails with a bright color so here are some styles from my ‘Nails’ board on Pinterest. You can see the rest of my pins here.

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