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Spotlight: Boho Locs

Lately, I’ve been on the lookout for a new protective style. I usually get a weave with leave out, but I finally got my edges to grow back (talk about heat damage….).  I know you’re probably saying, “Get on the wig train, boo!!!!”. I will, but I need to find the right one first (I’ll hop on that train by the winter). 

One day while on Instagram, I came across this brand called Boho Locs. It was created by a woman named, Lulu Pierre, who sought out to create pre-loop crotchet locs that are very lightweight and natural looking. They are a bit on the pricey side, but when it comes to hair, I’m willing to give anything a try. 


I ended up purchasing their Midnight Boho Goddess Locs (currently sold out, but here is another option), which are a little bit above waist length and slightly wavy. Now, they also offer what they call Mermaid Locs, which are the ones with wavy hair on the ends.

After purchasing, they send you an email with video instructions on how to take care of them, different styles you can do and most importantly, how to install them. They recommend crocheting your hair except for the front, so you can do individual ones to make it look more natural. I opted to get my entire head cornrowed because I wanted all of my hair braided. Everything you need comes in one pack which is equivalent to six packs of hair. I had a few pieces left over so it’s more than enough. They also give you a jewel pack that comes with a few things like cowrie shells, metal cuffs and gold string.

After it was done, I got a lot of compliments. And the best part about this hair is that the longer it stays in, the more natural it looks.  The pictures in this post is my hair at 4 weeks. It’s also a lot fuller than say the beauty supply store locs you could buy. So for me, this was a win!

I loved it so much that I decided to buy the Chocolate/Auburn Boho Goddess Locs which I did not like at all. The pack had more auburn than chocolate and I would have preferred the opposite so I only kept this style in for about 2 weeks. I think for the fall I’m going to try the Bob Goddess Locs in Midnight.

Do you recommend this brand?

YES and YES! It’s honestly worth it. The locs come in an array of different colors from purple to Bey-Blonde to Salted Caramel, to name a few. I recommend following them on Instagram and subscribing to their newsletter. They often release promo codes for 10%, 15% and sometimes 20% off.




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