A Colorful Fall

It was a moment in history as we sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the election to be called. As the votes tallied, the division within our democracy became clearer than ever. Having your own personal views is fine, but it shouldn’t be driven by hate or a feeling of superiority. As a journalist, I look forward to no longer being called, “fake news.” 

Now on to the fashion….

I snagged this pinafore dress during a Zara sale sometime within the last year.  It retails for $129, but I bought it for almost half the price (score!). It’s sold out, but SHEIN sells the same exact style with silver buttons.

If you don’t know what a pinafore dress is, it’s a sleeveless apron-like garment worn over a dress, typically having ties or buttons at the back. So for my private school girls, remember the one piece dress you had to wear over a blouse? This is the style!

I decided to pair it with this button-up silk blouse by Alice and Olivia. Multiple colors in one item is a great way to stretch your closet because it can be paired with more pieces like jeans, skirts, under a sweater or even with a cardigan. Also, I got this on sale.

I have to say, one of the best places to buy affordable shoes is ASOS because they always have something for a decent price and options to choose from. These pointy toe, snakeskin Public Desire stiletto’s were $19. I’m always for a deal!

Do you like the pinafore dress style?

Outfit Details

TopAlice and Olivia (similar style here)

Dress: Zara (same style here)

Heels: ASOS (similar style here)

LipstickThe Lip Bar “Bawse Lady” (save 10% w/ code SAT)

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