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3 Online Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

If you’re a shopper, like myself, then the goal is to buy what you want, but at the best price. Purchasing an item for less than retail value is rewarding because it’s money you can keep and use for something else. Every little bit counts because the ultimate goal is financial freedom.

Here’s a few online shopping tips that your bank account will love:

1. Leave it in the cart

If you add something to your cart and don’t check out in a certain period of time, most retailers will send what’s called an abandoned cart email saying, “Did you forget something?”

If you’re lucky, they’ll attach a coupon to it. I usually see 10% or 15% off. 


2. Use Rakuten & credit cards for cash back

Rakuten is a great way to earn cash back while you shop. Download the app (iOS and Android) or the plugin that can be used on most internet browsers. I prefer to use it on my computer because it alerts me right away. 

For instance, when I go to Nike’s website, an alert pops up letting me know I can earn 8% cash back on my purchase. They offer promo codes you can try to use at check out, as well. At the end of each quarter, they add up your savings and send you a check. I’ve had everything from $1 to $50+. 

Also, credit cards that offer rewards are a great way to save. For instance, the Discover Cash Back card gives you unlimited 1% cash back and 5% at different places each quarter. 

3. Download apps like Shoptagr to see when items go on sale

Use the Shoptagr app to see if the price of an item will go down if you don’t need it right away. It will alert you when the price drops. For instance, I watched an ASOS dress for about two months (yes, I will wait) and eventually got it for 50% off. That’s a win for me!

Happy Shopping!
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