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Happy end of May! 

Honestly, it feels like we only have two seasons in NYC. Winter and summer. We only get about one week to transition and yes, it sucks, BUT, I must say the 70 degree weather we’ve had for the last few days has been a bit steady, which means, this “summer” will probably be a hot one. So, the overall goal will be to carry as little as possible. There’s nothing worse than feeling hot, sweaty and sticky while lugging around a heavy bag. 

One summer friendly style I keep seeing in stores is round crossbody bags. Endless variations are available from patterned to solid colors to rattan (here’s what it means because I didn’t know either) and everything in between. It can only hold so much so you’re forced to carry only what you absolutely need. 

This bag is from Target or Targét (insert French accent) as my bestie calls it.  I’m ALWAYS there picking up stuff I don’t need. It starts with, “Oh this candle is $9.99. Not bad.” Then it goes to, “Wait, there’s a Cartwheel coupon for 20% off??” And it ends with, “I mean, there’s a coupon soooo…..I’m going to buy it…” It’s a never ending cycle.     

The other day, my mom told me to look into buying stocks. Invest where you shop she said. I think she may be on to something…… 

Are you a fan of this style?

Outfit Deets

Dress: Zara (similar style here and here)

Bag: Target

Heels: Michael Kors (similar style here)

Earrings: Target

Lipstick: Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Beetroot

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