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Spotlight: Frugal Finds NYC

The name of this company caught my attention right away! Frugal Finds NYC is an accessories boutique that sells products online and in their showroom in Jersey City, NJ.  They have a large selection of jewelry, handbags and sunglasses for men and women. I came across their page on Instagram and decided to purchase a few items just to see if I would like it or not.

One thing that caught my attention was their “Ms. Frugal Mystery Bag.” It’s $105 worth of items, but all you have to pay is $45. I’m a big fan of surprises, so I decided to buy this to see what kind of jewelry I would get. In addition to this, I also purchased a few other things (side note: discounts don’t apply to this).

Soo…what was in the mystery bag?

At first, when I opened the box, I was excited to see this package! Through the clear plastic bag, I could see a few things that I personally wanted to buy in the future.

Upon opening it, I came across some interesting pieces.

Front of Mystery Bag


Back of Mystery Bag


What’s good about this is they give you an assortment of different items. I got a lot of necklaces, some earrings, a ring and a few bracelets.

Out of everything, I liked the bamboo earrings, the turquoise necklace and the bracelets.


Close-up of Bracelet


What else did you buy?

This gorgeous Onyx Nefertiti Ankh Trio Set Necklace.  I also bought the Nefertiti earrings (alternative here in silver or gold) to match. This is a piece I can wear year round with dresses and v-neck tops. For the fall, I plan on styling this a few different ways.


Was it was worth it?

Definitely! They have a large selection of different items for anyone’s taste. From silver to gold to rose gold and even gunmetal.

They also give you the opportunity to mix and match what you want. Some pieces are sold separately, but at least you can customize to your liking.

I would also check their website and Instagram for deals. Like most places, they usually offer a discount around the holidays.


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