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Spotlight: Posh Candle Co.

I’m a sucker for a good catchphrase like ‘Grey Sweatpants‘. When I saw this on the candle jar, I laughed. It’s pure genius. C’mon. From grocery shopping to just walking down the street, the temperature is dropping and we are being blessed with grey sweatpants everywhere. And now, you can have it in the comfort of your own home. This cologne and amber scented candle will make you feel as if homeboy is sitting right there next to you.

Posh Candle Co. is under the direction of Tay, a one-woman business owner based in Los Angeles, CA who creates 100% soy wax and hand poured 8oz sized candles. Best part is, there’s something for everyone like Dear Book Hoarder.’ The voracious reader will take in the scents of vintage paperbacks, leather and citrus. Desire something sweet-scented? There’s “Black Girl Magic,” that burns brown sugar, coconut, honey and spice. 

After putting a host of different candles in my cart, I narrowed it down to two. The ‘Mixed Jumbo Tea-Lit Pack‘ and ‘Kind of a Home Body‘.

The ‘Mixed Jumbo Tea-Lit Pack‘ is great because you can try five different 2oz sized candles at the glorious price of $10. It includes:

Each tealight burns 8-10 hours and it’s triple the size of a regular tealight. Here’s how big it is compared to a quarter.  

The ingredients and benefits of all the candles are: 

The regular size candles burn for 45-55 hours and cost $15 each.

With the holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect gift for the friend who, “Just Made a Man Cry,” or the homie who leaves, “No Wine Left Behind.” Aside from candles, she sells wick trimmers, room sprays, matches and sage.       

Check out her website and follow her Instagram page for inspiration and future deals. All orders over $60 ship for free!

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